What will you do to try to change laws?

Mexico has already legalized The Sacred Plant. Canada is on the verge of doing so. The U.S., on the other hand, has not. And many other countries still criminalize The Sacred Plant, even for strictly medical uses.

There are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are suffering and in pain and at risk of dying who desperately need access to The Sacred Plant. They can’t wait until tomorrow or next month or next year. They need access NOW. It’s life or death for them.

That’s why we believe the time to change the laws is now. There will be no better time. There is already a lot of grassroots momentum. We want to carry that momentum to change laws in every major country where it’s still illegal to access The Sacred Plant.

Right now we are reviewing and vetting a non-profit that specializes in changing laws that govern The Sacred Plant. In alignment with our three goals outlined above, we plan to give a significant donation to this particular non-profit so they can accelerate their work to get The Sacred Plant legalized everywhere.

We will also do our part by continuing to educate people through our docuseries and other free educational events.