Brain Masterclass

Like your previous Masterclass, who is the expert for the Brain Masterclass?

The expert for our Brain Master Class is Neurologist Dr. Daniel Stein based in Sarasota, Florida.

Your Cancer masterclass offered a BOGO for inaugural members, will this be the case for the Brain Masterclass?

Yes. If you purchase our Brain Masterclass as an inaugural member before May 25th, you will receive a BOGO.

Are the modules live recordings?

No. The modules are a series of prerecorded mini-lessons on the various aspects of a disease or ailment as it relates to our Masterclass topic.

Will there be Q&A’s?

Yes. Just like our previous Masterclasses, we will be holding 4 live Q&As with our expert, Neurologist, Dr. Daniel Stein

Can you hold the live Q&A’s at an earlier time?

With our Brain Masterclass we have decided to try a different time so we are starting an hour early at 8PM EST. For previous Masterclasses, our Q&A’s have been held at 9pm Eastern. The Brain Masterclass, however, will start one hour earlier at 8pm Eastern. We have found that this new time has the most potential to reach our participants on both the East and West Coast.

I’m an inaugural member, my questions were not answered. Why?

We try our best to include everyone's questions. As you might imagine, we get a healthy amount of questions submitted when we send out our questionnaires. This, in turn, leads to a lot of duplicates, or very similar questions and even questions that don’t pertain to the module or condition. If you feel your question may not have been heard or answered, please submit it directly to our support page here (

Can I get in contact with John or Dr. Stein?

You can reach out to John through United Patients Group here ( And you can learn more about Dr Daniel Stein, our expert here (