I’m having problems placing an order can you help?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Please make sure the information you enter in the order form/fields is valid (for example, complete name and not alias or nicknames).

  2. Check to see that there are no spaces before, in between, or after the data you typed.

  3. When entering phone numbers, please type or enter numbers only, no hyphens or dashes and no spaces.

  4. When filling out the billing address, remember #1 and #2 and make sure the billing address matches the address associated or linked in the credit card or PayPal account you are using to pay for the order.

  5. Please make sure that your credit card status is active and updated; your address is correct, check the expiry date, etc.

  6. Close the browser where your order is not going through and open a new one then try placing the order again. Or try a different browser (we recommend Google Chrome and Firefox)

  7. Clear your device's cache, history, and cookies depending on what browser you're using. Here's a site where it lists instructions how-to: https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic

  8. Restart your device and try again.