Webinar Series FAQs

What does the paid package include?

We invite you to review all three Webinar lifetime packages here: https://thesacredplant.com/webinar/premium-package/

Why are you doing this?

When we aired the docuseries, we received more than 2,000 questions about The Sacred Plant from viewers. We created this webinar series to help answer some of the most common questions.

Why do you call the plant “The Sacred Plant”?

Due to laws and negative perceptions, some companies and platforms prohibit us from using common terms for The Sacred Plant. We’ve chosen to use the term “The Sacred Plant” to avoid some of those negative perceptions and, ultimately, to reach and help more people.

Why are the webinars only available for free for 24 hours?

Please know that this 24-hour airing limit isn't for “profit” or “greed”, it's purely because that it helps more people. It's been proven over and over again that more people watch the complete videos and gain the value when they have 24 hours then if they had 48 hours or even unlimited 24/7/365 access.

I'm not receiving notifications when each webinar airs?

Sorry that you’re having trouble. Please search your inbox for emails from savinglives@thesacredplant.com. If you’re not seeing any, please make sure that you signed up here (https://thesacredplant.com/webinar/). If you have already signed up, please go here to add us to your email contact list (https://thesacredplant.com/whitelist.html). If you’re still having trouble, please contact our support team (http://support.thesacredplant.com/) and we will help you.

What will you do with my money when I support your mission?

We've reinvested 100% of the profits and put in even more money to make this possible for you and the other 178,000 new people who are now watching the series for free. Please pay-it-forward by supporting us now so that we can re-air this to even more people and you and a loved one will have unlimited access to the entire series. We invest 100% of our profits to more research, to reach new people, to change the laws worldwide and much more. Learn more on how to support our mission here: https...

I missed an episode, how can I watch it?

The information presented in our Healing Secrets Explained webinar series is informative and powerful, but we were only able to share if for 24 hours at a time due to resources. Please support the mission and own the series for you and your loved ones to continue learning and sharing this vital information. If you wish to become a life time member and own the series, go here to see our various packages: https://thesacredplant.com/webinar/premium-package/

I am having trouble watching the webinars

Sorry that you’re unable to watch the video. There are 3 ways you can fix this. 1) Watch it on another Internet browser. 2) Watch it on another device. 3) Watch the episode on YouTube. Go to YouTube.com and search The Sacred Plant webinar [insert webinar episode number here]. Please reach out to support.thesacredplant.com (http://support.thesacredplant.com/) if you are still experiencing any trouble.

What comes with a purchase?

You will receive all the videos, audios, transcripts, key takeaways & indexes for all 7 webinars and 8 Q&A sessions. Plus your “buddy” gets all the above as well. There are three different packages available, which you can learn about here: https://thesacredplant.com/webinar/premium-package/ (https://thesacredplant.com/webinar/premium-package)

Where can I sign up for the webinar series?

Simply go to https://thesacredplant.com/webinar and fill in your name and email to opt-in to receive updates and notifications from The Sacred Plant.

I haven't watched the docuseries? How do I watch it?

You can still view episode one here: https://thesacredplant.com/docuseries/episode1 The people who supported our mission the last time we aired this made it possible for us to continue to make episode 1 available for all to see. Please pay-it-forward by supporting us now so that we can re-air the series in full to even more people and you and a loved one will have unlimited access to the entire series. We have reinvested 100% of our profits into more research, to reach new people, to chang...

Can I download or save the videos?

Premium members can download and save all 7 webinars, the total 8 Q&A calls, as well as receive a Buy One Get One pass, to share with a loved one or professional. Go here (https://thesacredplant.com/webinar/premium-package/) for more information.

How do I invite my buddy to join me in the premium experience?

Details about using your buddy pass are in your order confirmation email, subject: [Order Confirmation] Webinar Series. Step-by-step instructions are also available in your member's area, under the “Buddy Pass” tab.