Scholarships FAQ

Is it okay to share this page on social media?

You may certainly share this on social media. By helping to spread the word about our mission you are becoming an active partner in our work. Additionally, sharing our Crowdfunding page directly supports our goal to reach an additional 500,000 people in 2018. Please use and share with as many people as you can!

Can I apply on behalf of a person I know who is in need?

You may certainly apply on behalf of a loved one or family member who is in need and you feel would benefit directly from this information.

You mentioned a crowdfunding campaign... where can I see that?

Please visit and see how you can become a partner in our incredible mission to help change the lives of millions. By sharing this page across social media platforms you will directly play a role in helping us achieve our goal of reach another 500,000 people in 2018!

What happens if you run out of physical packages?

Packages are limited. However, we will make special exceptions to those who miss out by extending the offer of a totally free digital package, provided you fulfill the criterion and apply before January 1st.

How can I thank The Sacred Plant?

We’d love to hear your thanks and we welcome your messages. But what we’d love just as much is for you to help spread the word about the powerful information we’re making available to the world. Although we won’t be able to extend this free offer beyond this limited period, we are still selling the Docuseries and Webinars. Every sale we make goes directly back into The Sacred Plant and supports our ability to continue our work and our mission. Additionally, we’re running a crowdfunding campaign...

When will I receive this my free physical package?

We’ll be shipping out all scholarship packages mid-January. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery from that time (depending on where you live).

I’m a customer. Why did I pay when you’re now offering this for free?

Actually, you are the reason we’re able to help reach those who are struggling financially, are in need of this information -and who will directly benefit from your incredible support. Your purchase directly contributed to us being able to reach those who would otherwise be unable to afford the cost. We reinvested profits back into the company as well as the generous donations that were made to support anyone in our community who was unable to afford the cost of our information. For this, both...

Why is The Sacred Plant doing this?

Our mission is to help as many people as possible. Even though we originally aired the series for free -in order to reach as many people as possible -we understand that there were people who were simply unable to watch the series online when we aired it. Due to the incredible generosity of our customers who chose to pay-to-forward, as well as our policy of reinvesting profits back into our mission, we are delighted to support those who might otherwise be unable to have complete access to the inf...

Why do I have to pay $9.95 to get a free physical package?

This amount covers the direct cost of shipping. This figure is an average price we paid for our shipping to all our supporters worldwide. We are still paying the material and packaging costs of the product on your behalf. There is no cost for a digital package.

Will I have to pay anything?

There is a $9.95 shipping and handling cost to receive a physical package. This is a flat rate charge, no matter where you live.

What are the criteria?

Scholarships are available to those who can show they will both benefit from the information but are currently unable to meet the cost. Please note, that we are only accepting applications from current subscribers. If you have previously purchased from us and have been refunded we are unable to consider your application. You can learn more and apply here:

How do I apply?

Please visit the Scholarship page with full details on how to apply: