Why is my credit card payment not going through?

There could be several reasons that your card did not process successfully.

1. During the event, we experience a high volume of traffic, and this may cause issues on our site. This could be the case. We advise you to try again another time especially during the day (Eastern) when our site is not so busy.

2. Your address could be old/incorrectly entered. If you have never updated your billing address with your credit card, the computer will think you are fraudulent.

3. You may have transposed a number or made an error on the card number or expiration date.

4. Your name was not typed exactly how it looks on the card. 

5. When entering your phone number in the Billing Details, please do not add dashes/spaces/periods, etc. only enter numbers.

6. Please try to use a different payment method, for example, PayPal, or a different credit card.

7. You can also try again using a different browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, clear your browser’s or computer’s cache and cookies.