Q&A Series

Can I listen to the replays of the Q&As if I can’t participate Live?

At this time only the LIVE event is planned. Any future replays or availability will be shared when we have that information.

What will you do with the information on the questionnaire?

When you fill out the questionnaire, you are helping us tailor the Q&A calls, and the developing Masterclass on Pain, to what exactly is really needed by our Sacred Plant family. By sharing your concerns and questions, we’ll know the most needed topics to cover, and the answers to get from experts that will benefit the most people.

When will the Q&As happen?

Dates are being finalized, but tentative dates are August 8th at 9pm ET and August 23rd 9pm ET. Please keep an eye on emails from The Sacred Plant for the most up-to-date news and links to join live events.

Do I have to pay for this series on Pain?

You do not need to pay to join us for the LIVE Q&As on Pain. The Masterclass is a separate matter, and details are still being finalized about content and presentation.

Will you be covering something different in the future?

Our plan is to cover as many topics as we can. While we do not have a definitive date or topic beyond Pain at the moment, keep your eyes on emails from us for any future announcements and opportunities.

Why pain?

In search of what we can do to have the biggest impact in your life, here’s what we discovered… 1. We went through the 1,873 questions we received in the last year from our followers and discovered that the most common condition mentioned is...pain. 2. We reached out to the community of doctors from docuseries events and asked them about what their patients come to them for. And get this...they told us that 80+% of the patients that they consult and treat come in for pain! 3. While researc...

Where can I find the questionnaire?

You can fill out the questionnaire here: https://two.thesacredplant.com/chronic-pain-questionnaire/ (https://painquestionnaire.thesacredplant.com/)

Is this a new series?

Yes, and no. We are holding Q&A sessions on Pain for a couple reasons -- valuable content for you in our continued mission to support you, our audience, NOW… and as part of the research for a “how to” Masterclass on Pain that we are currently developing. Detailed information about the Masterclass will be released in September. Dates, times and links to the Q&As will be forthcoming, as soon as we have finalized the arrangements.