What is the Healing Cancer Masterclass?

The Healing Cancer Masterclass is a series of conversations on topics that are split into 7 main modules and 7 associated lessons diving deep on such things as patient dos and don’ts, what to ask and talk to your doctor about, and tackling various cancers and how the sacred plant has been shown to help in healing and alleviating symptoms. Dr. Allan Frankel, an internal medicine doctor who is considered a top authority on medical cannabis, shares his expertise through his own practice and the ...

Who is Dr. Allan Frankel?

Dr. Allan Frankel is an internal medicine doctor now considered one of the top authorities on medical cannabis and has been recommending the sacred plant to his patients for well over a decade. You can learn more about him and his practice Green Bridge Medical out of Santa Monica, CA through his website.

Why don't you just leave the videos up on your YouTube channel?

Our goal is to educate as many people as we can about the natural healing power of The Sacred Plant! Due to limited resources, we are only able to research, produce and supply our products for free for a limited time. There are many considerations that go into the production, including: customer support, filming, editing, tech, etc. We thank you for your understanding and hope that you are intrigued and prompted to take power of your health by tuning into our series.